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Why would I choose SafeMinor?

It is the best application for family safety. Now parents can keep their eyes on their children even when they can't physically see them.
Here you get almost everything you need to know about your children's devices for their security and concerning future.

SOS (Panic Alarm) - Your child can send an alert in dangerous situations. The panic alert will receive on the parent's phone with his/her current location detail.
Location Tracker - Find the real-time location of the device and see past history.
Application Info - Show installed app list on your child's device.
App Usages Report - View app usage report on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
Address Book - View all contact with user photo.
ScreenTime - View and limit the app usage by category, block phone for routines and keep selected applications in always allowed mode.
Request - Now child can ask more time for using any application to parents and get the instant response from their parents.
Tasks - Parents will here and now allocate the specific tasks to child attached with an image to get the exciting bonus time to use the phone.
Multiple device monitoring under one account. Turn on/off each feature individually.

Besides, you can view your child's phone activity logs online anytime.

Check all the latest features by downloading SafeMinor now.

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