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  1. Can I install SafeMinor client remotely?

  2. Can the child use the bonus time if downtime is running?

  3. Can the child use the bonus time if the app limit is expired?

  4. Do you provide technical support?

  5. Does "Always Allowed" applications will not be affected by Downtime or App Limit?

  6. During registration, I get unauthorized user error.

  7. From where can I monitor my children's data?

  8. How can I change/swap child? How can I see other child's data?

  9. How can I delete App Rule from the "AppLimit" Pane?

  10. How can I disable call notification in app?

  11. How can i disable notification of Location/GPS?

  12. How can I disable SMS notification?

  13. How can I edit the App Rule from the "AppLimit" Section?

  14. How can I set "App Limit"?

  15. How can I set Downtime?

  16. How can I use the "Always Allowed Applications" Section?

  17. How child can use Allowed time for a Request?

  18. How Child can use this feature?

  19. How does the Task feature work for children?

  20. How many devices can I monitor into my account?

  21. How many rules can I create in the "AppLimit" Section?

  22. How much time parent can respond to any application?

  23. How Parent/s can use this feature?

  24. How to add another child device into my account?

  25. How to change application language?

  26. How to install or use SafeMinor app?

  27. How to save my cellular data?

  28. How to set Geofence?

  29. How to stop daily or instant notification email from SafeMinor service?

  30. How to upgrade or reinstall app?

  31. How will I know if child cross the Geofence?

  32. Huawei device settngs for SafeMinor ?

  33. Infinix device settings for SafeMinor?

  34. Is application under "Always Allowed" Section doesn't get blocked ever?

  35. Is Request feature work in the case of AppLimit expires?

  36. Is Request feature work in the case of Downtime running?

  37. Not able to login into SafeMinor portal, get verification error.

  38. OPPO phone setting for SafeMinor?

  39. SMS and Calls feature removed from SafeMinor

  40. VIVO mobile settings for SafeMinor?

  41. What are the options for Parent/s to respond the options?

  42. What can I do with "App Limit"?

  43. What choices will parents have when the child submit the tasks?

  44. What does different color icon dots indicates?

  45. What Downtime does?

  46. What happens when bonus time expires?

  47. What if child cannot send the request for asking extra time?

  48. What if I don't want to apply any particular rule?

  49. What if I forgot password or username?

  50. What if parent declined the request?

  51. What if the parent denied the task request of the child?

  52. What if the same application is added in more than one App Rule of AppLimit Section?

  53. What is a Task feature?

  54. What is Geofence?

  55. What is Request feature?

  56. What is Screen Time feature?

  57. What to do if I forgot my password? How can I change my password?

  58. What will happen in the child's device during downtime?

  59. What will happen when the App Rule time limit expires?

  60. When is the child allowed to use their bonus time?

  61. Which phones does SafeMinor work on?

  62. Who can create tasks?

  63. Why am I getting too many location data?

  64. Why does the child's phone need Internet?

  65. Why don't I get incoming/outgoing call log details of my child's device?

  66. Why don't I get location data of my child's device?

  67. Why don't I see other child in my parent app?

  68. Why I can't see any incoming or outgoing SMS of child's device?

  69. Why I can't see old data?

  70. Why I didn't get app usage data of my child's device?

  71. Why my child's data not updated from last few hours?

  72. Why my device tab shows gray or red icon?

  73. Why would I choose SafeMinor?

  74. Xiaomi MI mobile setting for SafeMinor?

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